SM No. 035, s. 2023 Requiring the Participation of Master Teachers in the Training on
Synergies Through Shared Perspectives, Probabilities, and Creative
SM No. 034, s. 2023 Requiring the Submission of School Canteen Monthly Financial
SM No. 033, s. 2023 Reports for Submission for February 2023Download
SM No. 032, s. 2023 Requesting All School Personnel to Respond to the Survey on the
Schools Division Rewards and Recognition System
SM No. 031, s. 2023 Directing All School Personnel to Comply with the Implementation of
Microsoft 365 as the Official Productivity Platform
SM No. 030, s. 2023 Posting of Information, Education, and Communication Materials for
Health and Safety Concerns
SM No. 029, s. 2023 Dissemination of the Special Non-Working Holiday for January 24,
SM No. 028, s. 2023 Selection of Participants to the Jota Cabangan ContestDownload
SM No. 027, s. 2023 Participation of the School in the Conduct of Jota Cabangan
Refresher Clinic
SM No. 026, s. 2023 General Instructions in the Conduct of School Sports DayDownload
SM No. 025, s. 2023 Corrigendum and Addendum on School Memorandum No. 006, s.
2023 (Organization of School Awards Committee for the School Year
SM No. 024, s. 2023 Expected Practices of Teaching Personnel During Classroom
Visitations or Observations
SM No. 023, s. 2023 Reminder in the Preparation of Multiple Choice Type of TestDownload
SM No. 022, s. 2023 Changes in the Class Advisership of TeachersDownload
SM No. 021, s. 2023 Temporary Closure of the School Canteen to Focus on Reviewing the
SM No. 020, s. 2023 Conduct of In-Service Training (INSET) for Teachers During the Mid-Year Performance Review and Evaluation (MPRE)Download
SM No. 019, s. 2023 Conduct of the Oplan Kalusugan sa Department of Education ( OK sa DepEd)- One Health Week ActivitiesDownload
SM No. 018, s. 2023 Reorganization of Other School Assignments of PersonnelDownload
SM No. 017, s. 2023 Implementation of Project GEAR toward Online Assessment of Learning (GOAL)Download
SM No. 016, s. 2023 School Sports Day 2023Download
SM No. 015, s. 2023 Test Items of Quarterly Assessment in Every Learning AreaDownload
SM No. 014, s. 2023 Conduct of Second Quarter Stakeholders' DayDownload
SM No. 013, s. 2023 Conduct of Second Quarter Recognition RitesDownload
SM No. 012, s. 2023 Conduct of Second Quarter Homeroom Parent-Teacher Association (HPTA) Meeting and Issuance of Learners Progress Report Card (SF9)Download
SM No. 011, s. 2023 Conduct of Second Quarterly AssessmentDownload
SM No. 010, s. 2023 Submission of the Hard Copies of School ReportsDownload
SM No. 009, s. 2023 Allowed Activities in Celebration of National Bible MonthDownload
SM No. 008, s. 2023 Schedule of mandatory Earthquake and Fire Drills in SchoolsDownload
SM No. 007, s. 2023 Preparation and Submission of Certificate of Compliance on the Education Condition of Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) Learner-BeneficiariesDownload
SM No. 006, s. 2023 Organization of School Awards and Committee for School Year 2022-2023Download
SM No. 005, s. 2023 Reports for Submission for January 2023Download
SM No. 004, s. 2023 Submission of Statement of Assets and Liabilities (SALN) for Fiscal Year 2022Download
SM No. 003, s. 2023 Submission of of Community Tax CertificateDownload
SM No. 002, s. 2023 Reorganization of the Composition of School Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) for Fiscal Year 2023Download
SM No. 001, s. 2023 Reorganization of the Composition of School Inspectorate Team for Fiscal Year 2023Download